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About KnifeForkSpoon
Sweet and sour meatballs


Everything we do is fun, honest, thoughtful, delicious, healthy, homemade, and high quality.


We exist to make mealtime easy. We do the hard work so you have more time do to the things that make you tick. We even help with the dishes!


Use local food sources to support and nourish our community while providing healthy food options to everyone.

KnifeForkSpoon takes the chaos out of mealtime planning and preparation by providing healthy, pre-made, raw, frozen meals that require only cooking and serving. Many of our dishes are frozen in the same containers they are cooked in; making scrubbing the casserole dish a thing of the past!

Who loves us? Working families. Single parents. New parents. Professionals. Teenagers. After-school sports champs. Anyone who wants to fuel their body with good food and wonders how they will find the time to spend in the kitchen, yet alone shop. And anyone who loves the convenience of prepared meals and dislikes the rising costs of the restaurant industry.

Our kitchen is located at Gateway Point Business Park, Suite F5, in Gig Harbor, WA. We have a space permitted for preparation and processing of meals. There are no cooking hoods and no cooking equipment (stove, microwave, etc) which allows us to focus on leaving a small footprint wherever we go. Because we focus on just preparation of raw foods, we will have minimal wastewater outflow, no generation of fats and oils from cooking, and mainly compostable and recyclable business trash.

"Whole foods" are the rage with people seeking control for how they fuel their bodies. For KnifeForkSpoon, a "whole food" is a food that is free of processing (or as minimal as possible), contains no preservatives and no additives. We use whole food to the maximum extend possible.

A long-standing trend of pre-cooked, frozen foods available for delivery also exists. There is nothing that combines the two and allows the ease of prepared food with the joy of cooking. This combination allows for a food to be served quicker, combined with the health of homemade dinners and no waste of fresh, unused ingredients. We prepare all of our meals just as you would for your family, using whole food recipes.

Our food is made per customer order. Nothing is pulled from a freezer after sitting for weeks. We time our ordering and pick-up schedule so that food is as fresh as possible when picked up form the customer. We add no preservatives or freezer stabilizing chemicals in any of our food.